All Out War

by DwightFalcon



I spend almost 1 whole sleepless week to compose this 4 minute Epic Orchestral Score but my DAW memory max out at 3 minutes. Hence, I have to rearrange the whole score and settle for 3 minute instead. T_T
It seems like there is still a lot for me to learn in reducing memory usage.
Neverthless, it is the great experience since I realise that I am still struggling to keep MIDI automation in control.

Song Name : All Out War
Composer : DwightFalcon
Genre : Epic, Orchestral

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*Terror in Resonance Wallpaper/Image from google image.


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Music is forever.


released October 12, 2014




DwightFalcon Singapore

Hello, I am DwightFalcon.
Apparently, I am just another mediocre music composing enthusiast.
Enjoy your day here. :)

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